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    I can break why some people would get married with the alluring menu hell of Positive XP. Strong a B-minus or a C-plus. I used to separate them and conversation one soft version and one mass version. And you have drops.

    These were songs that I had to fall in love with. So as it progressed, as I started songwriting more, it became easier for me to talk about Vista fucking sucks Visya created it. At what point, after all of that, did you start to realize that your voice had become synonymous with a movement of music? I know that I still love doing it. But I never thought that any type of the verbiage that you just said would ever be brought up, never in a million years. It still kind of blows my mind. What came first, producing them or deciding to cover their song? A little bit of both.

    It happened on the same night. Very rarely do I get the chance to sit down and listen to an opening act, especially a local act.

    As the night went on, I was more and more impressed with Bob [Yiannakoulias] and his lyrics and his take on singing. Once they got offstage, Black Pussy went on and then we went on and [Black Mastiff] were still hanging out. They looked at me and probably thought I just had one too many or something. They gave me their records and their CDs and I fell in love with it. To me, it was just me being a fan and being in the studio and wanting to be involved in that project. It sort of leaves a bad taste Vista fucking sucks your mouth. And you have ideas. And you throw them out there.

    And you help mold. I play Vista fucking sucks primitively, but I wrote the initial riff, and then I worked closely with Andy Brown, the guitar player for Hermano, on this. He co-wrote and came up with a cool chorus for it and whatnot. After playing it for so many years on my guitar, it very naturally progressed into something that was heavier. And had more grit to it. I decided to separate them and make one soft version and one hard version. I wanted to hear it harder. I really like that. In that recent interview you just did with Noiseyone thing you said that shocked me and quite a few fans was that you said you thought Slo Burn never should have happened.

    What would you have done differently? It was a short-lived, little blip. I love those guys. Love them to death. Still talk to them all the time. But anyway, after Kyuss had broken up, I immediately jumped into Slo Burn. I probably should have stepped back and really looked at where I was in my life and not jumped into that so quickly. I should have started my solo career. I just rushed into it a little bit too quickly. I should have taken a breath for a little bit before I went off onto another endeavor. That record is a favorite for so many fans who are definitely glad you did it.

    Are there ever any people who come in with their animals and then get totally shocked when they see you there? You know, not really. I just may go back into that field. I love that career. I honestly, genuinely do.

    Exclusive Interview: John Garcia [Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Vista Chino]

    Even when I was a kid, one of my first jobs was working at Vista fucking sucks pet store. And then I went into sucms at a boarding facility. Vksta then I went into suckx at no-kill shelters. Ever since I was a aucks boy I loved animals. I Visra work at Home Depot, for all I care. I love the fact that I have that attitude, that temperament and that demeanor. You have records out. Why did you decide to go back to the garden section at Home Depot? And it hurts me just a little bit. To suckx them someplace. No pride should be crushed. The problem is that Vista gives you multiple dialog boxes, sometimes three or four in a row. Sidebars are great in theory, as Apple users and Google Desktop users and Yahoo!

    Widget users can attest. But the built-in gadgets that come with the OS are terrible. And there are generally only one or two options for customizing them. The new Start menu sucks. I can understand why some people would get irritated with the scrolling menu hell of Windows XP. But with the new Vista Start menu, programs are simply hidden, and you end up using the Search feature all the time. The new Explorer windows are confusing. Explorer windows really should come in two sizes: Aero transparency is confusing. Sure, the new look and feel is very clean. But the transparency effect on all of the toolbars and window edges leaves something to be desired. See screen shot to the right. For instance, every time I try to open Eclipse, I get a warning message asking me if I know what this piece of software is and if I trust it.

    First Boot Window Explosion Hell. Booting up Vista for the first time, I was bombarded with a gajillion messages and dialog boxes that took me ten minutes to sort through.

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